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Project Testbed

The current testbed consists of approximately 1,400 electronic resources. These include articles, bibliographies, conference presentations, congressional testimony, monographs (e-books), planning and assessment documents, teaching tools and websites. So-called "grey literature" sources (documents issued outside of the peer-reviewed, commercial publication stream) predominate. File formats include HTML, MSWORD, PDF and PPT.

Resources were selected by the Project Librarian from a variety of sources, including:

Expert search strategies for identifying material for the testbed were developed by the Project Librarian, using terms selected from MeSH, LC and other controlled vocabularies, in addition to natural keywords.

  • A chart showing monthly growth of the database since March 2004 (March, 2005);

  • A snapshot of resource types included in the testbed, sorted by frequency of occurence (April, 2005).

  • A snapshot of subject areas represented in the testbed, sorted by frequency of occurence (March, 2005)

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